Going Alone: A Hope For Single Moms


Going Alone: A Hope For Single Moms


Mommy guilt officially took over my heart. I called my kids and treated them to Chick-fil-a twice that week in hopes that would ease the guilt I felt for not being present enough that week. I work a 9-5 and run a non-profit so my time is split between those two obligations and my children. I frequently worry I’m missing out on important moments in their life especially now that they are both transitioning into the preteen and teenage phases. How do I balance all of this and still make room for “self care”? Plus, how can I forget the important roles I also play in my home church?

I know many moms can relate with having too much on one’s plates. I know we moms are often running on fumes, trying to get it all done. A married woman has to make sure her time is well-allocated between her kids and her husband. Single moms, like me, have to play both the roles of mom and dad. I know all moms just wear the cape and I believe God has graced all of us for this particular role.

As a single mom, and I never thought I would ever hold that title. While I know I cannot change the past, and just focus on moving forward I still see being a single mom a bit more difficult as I raise my two children in a one-parent home compared to a two-parent home whereas tasks can be delegated between two parents. This is my reality, going alone, doing solo. I have to step up my game to compensate for what my kids might be lacking.


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