Who doesn’t love the black and nude look! People often have a certain perception on how a “Christian” woman is supposed to dress. Gone are the days of big fluffy hats and long skirts (unless its fashionable). You can dress in your own unique style and still be reserved. God is not a boring God! So why should we be. Listen He created me and gave me my love of fashion. I will start featuring more of my personal style, fashion and beauty finds. I want to include more of me for all those wondering who the woman behind the blog is 🙂
OMG!! I cannot get enough of these face masks!! They are awesome! They work wonders. For some of us who simply cannot afford a trip to the spa every month these masks will make you feel like you just had a facial. They are from a Korean brand called Tonomoly. They are jammed packed with Essence serum (If you haven’t tried Essence serums you are missing out). You can find these face masks at Ulta or Amazon. They are only $3.99 each.

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