The Cost Of Freedom

The Cost Of Freedom

The Cost Of Freedom

Free Will vs God’s Will

I had a conversation with a person the other day about free will. He told me that God gives us all a free will to do what we want and we should take full advantage. God has given us free will but not to do anything contrary to His word. I would like to cover this topic in two parts because I believe many people do not understand what freedom really entails. We live in America (most of us) “the land of the free”, a federal republic which allows you to practice religion as you see fit. A gift which many people in other countries are not granted including some of my readers. But are we too free?

You know what I love about God, He forces you to think and expand your thoughts. I really love the apex. He is our manufacturer. He knows the levels and peaks you are able to live and literally forces you to believe it yourself. He has given us the Bible as a guide to live life according to how He created for us to live.  You see when God allows free will, He really is examining your heart. He needs to know that He can trust you and you are displaying good faith. You have a fiduciary responsibility to honor God with the free will He has given to you. You say that you love God but continue to speak foul language, you say that you love God but continue in fornication, you say that you love God but never read the bible or pray.  A friend may call and say “Hey, you want to go to the club tonight” as a child of God you know that is not an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can dwell. In this day and age, it is dangerous to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But wait God gives us free will? He does not permit you to be in a raunchy environment with secular music that promotes violence and lust because He loves you. Tell me for as long as you have been “in the club” what growth has it brought to your life? The toxic relationship that you continue to hold on to what joy has it given you? These are all mask to cover up deep-rooted internal issues that only God can set you free from. I guarantee you one moment spent in the presence of God is worth far more than one drunken club night or in bed for minutes (yes I said “minutes”) of momentary pleasure. “Live as free people, but are God’s slaves, so don’t use freedom as an excuse to do evil” (1 Peter 2:16). You have to be prepared for the impending consequence your “free will” action will cost you. When the bible says “He will never leave or forsake you”, that means He (meaning God, the One who holds your very breathe in His hands) is standing right there watching you engage in sin too. If that doesn’t scare you then I don’t know what will. The great thing about God is just like He has done many times in the Bible, He will give you chance after chance, mercy after mercy and grace after grace to get it right but there will come a time where He will take His presence from you if you don’t listen to His instruction.

Are You Really Free?

But it’s my life? Why can’t I do what I want? Your life does not belong to you! It belongs to God. He purchased you at a high cost. How can you be free if you are still bound to sin? The reason why you are not free is because you don’t believe you are still bound. How are you free when you use alcohol and sex or any other vice to cover up the pain? Freedom is defined as the power to act or speak without hindrance, absence of subjection to foreign domination. Wait a minute. The feelings of hurt, pain, past guilt, and brokenness that you cover up with worldly things are hindrances preventing you from living a whole life. It opens up the door for satanic rulership over your life which is a “foreign domination” that causes you to not live free. So as you can see you are actually the opposite of free.

You have the opportunity to be set free once you submit your life to Jesus. There is power in Jesus’ name to break every layer of sin and bondage in your life. The strongholds in your life can’t stand under the power of the Holy Spirit. I have seen the destruction of personal strongholds in my life once I laid them down at the feet of Jesus. But what if I don’t “feel” free?  One thing I have learned is that feelings lie so forget what you feel and go with the truth! The truth is “Who the Son set free is truly free indeed” (John 8:36), “You have been called to live a life of freedom” (Galatians 5:13). But it is truly up to you how you choose to live in your freedom. Will you use it to continue to live in sin? Or will you choose to use your freedom to live righteously? Will you choose life or will you choose death? The problem is many have lived in bondage for so long they are actually scared to experience true freedom because they have become comfortable living in sin.

The freedom which we willfully continue to misuse came at a price. You don’t have time to continue to engage in the sinful nature of this world because the punishment is too severe. Eternity is at hand. Our freedom from Satan’s power was extremely expensive. Our redemption came at a price determined by God in the form of His only Son: Jesus.

Freedom Cost. It cost Jesus His life.

Isaiah 53:5 “But He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we were healed”.

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