Turning from “Quarantine and Chill” to “Quarantine and God”


Turning from “Quarantine and Chill” to “Quarantine and God”

Can we all agree that we are facing something that we have never seen?

Many of us have read this in the Bible but didn’t think that we would see it in our lifetime. This has shaken everyone – believers, nonbelievers, young, old and in between.

As many of us are quarantined and are forced to sit still – that means sitting with ourselves and discovering ourselves all over again. It has changed our perspectives, our focus and has allowed us to think about where our hope and trust are. I mean even those of us who claim to have great faith have felt our knees buckle a bit with the uncertainty. The gloom, the news, and the loss of control.

We can’t touch doorknobs, toilet tissue is scarce, lines to enter supermarkets are around the corner, if you sneeze, people run away instead of saying “God Bless you!” and I don’t think many of us will look at a Lysol disinfectant spray the same again.

I have been in the book of Colossians and I tried to begin reading a different Chapter, but God has kept me in Colossians Chapter 2 verses 6 through 10.

I picked up my Life Application Bible and began to dissect Colossians Chapter 2 because I believe there was a message God needed me to receive and to share.

We have all heard the story about the “Three Little Pigs” and if you haven’t or can’t remember let me fill you in.

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