The Pile Up

The Pile Up

The Pile Up


So I’m in the laundry mat on a lovely Saturday (oh the joy). I allowed my laundry to pile up and was forced to drag two huge bags to the laundry mat alone. I have a one sided conversation with God every time I do the laundry because I dread carrying the bags up my stairs. The convo goes like this “God where is he, (referring to my future husband), I need help carrying these laundry bags upstairs”. It’s usually a venting session that goes on for about a minute or so. I call it more of a one sided conversation because I don’t give Him a chance to answer lol. I just go on and on and then continue on with the situation at hand. So today I didn’t speak it aloud but it was more of a soft thought in my mind ” I’m tired of carrying these bags”. I recognize the only time I complain to this degree is when I allow the laundry to pile up.  I procrastinate while telling myself I have time and meanwhile the laundry grows in size. So today this is what I got: “God allows situations in your life to change you”. Now He wants me to understand that when I let the laundry pile up, it gives me more work to do and exhausts me. A man can’t fix that issue because he will become an extra load of laundry lol. Many times we continue to go around the same tree in life because there is something God needs you to learn. It’s not meant to frustrate you, it is meant to change you. God uses real unconventional methods to get the message to you, He will allow you to continue running into that same tests until you get it. We turn to different outlets looking for a solution, when you held the solution all along. So the next time you face a test and wonder why God keeps allowing it, stop and ask God why and allow Him to speak.  “All things work together for your good” Romans 12:13.

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  1. Ayasha George Cox - December 16, 2016 Reply

    Ah man yes. I’m giving up my middle name, procrastination. You right nothing outside can fix what’s going on it starts with us, starting with in. Girl Cynthia go!

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