“Hope Deferred Makes The Heart Sick But A Dream Fulfilled Is A Tree Of Life” Proverbs 13:12

We live in such a manic world full of pressure to accomplish goals at such a rushed pace. We give ourselves deadlines to finish tasks with no true prize at the end. We rush to finish school or to secure a job that we either end of up hating or doesn’t provide financial security. Our hopes are dashed and we begin to feel discouraged.  But what was the real aim?  I have learned the only race worth running is the one that leads to the eternal prize Jesus Christ. I understand when Paul said “I press forward, towards the mark of the higher calling”. What is the mark we try to reach, a better job, more money, a big house, etc? God wants us to have an abundant life here on Earth, but we should not pursue these things more than we pursue Him. 

Hope Deferred makes us angry, hopeless, and frustrated, but when that desire is fulfilled it brings gladness.  But God wants to fill us with an everlasting hope, a dream that brings promise, restoration to your life and the lives of others. It may not be in the way you dreamed or hope it would be, but it will be one that will blow your mind and glorify The Father in the process.  I have a secret to share, listen close: Life will never be fulfilling until Jesus becomes the reason you live it. The job will never be enough, He/She will never be enough, the money will NEVER be enough. Hope has one name: Jesus.  When you are struggling to find yourself and your purpose just look to Jesus, He is the author and finisher of your faith.

My prayer is that this blog brings us together for one purpose: Jesus. I want to encourage you in faith. God is a good God. I’ve tried Him for myself!!  I want to uplift you, grow with you through this journey called life.  I will be sharing different blog post on issues we all face or have faced.   I know we all face battles but we can overcome them all when our hope is in the One who never fails.

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