How To Harvest


How To Harvest


A harvest is defined as the “gathering” of crops. What crops are you gathering in this season?

If you want a good harvest you have to plant seeds in your dry season. The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. Each season in our life is going to help us become fruitful in one of these traits. Want love? Plant it. Give it to others. Want joy? Be a joy to someone else. Whatever you are lacking, give it. That is you planting seeds for your next harvest. If a farmer wants a specific crop, he has to plant that specific seed. What are you panting? Seeds of doubt? Seeds of fear? Seeds of strife and anger? You get what you plant. Luke 8:11 says “…The seed is the Word of God.” Let the truth of the Word of God be planted in you so you can grow.

God has to clear out the land of any rocks, animals, unsteady pathways, things left over by other people/baggage, debris, unhealthy things before he tends to the actual soil. The best time to get seeds in the ground is when the soil is relatively dry, but right before a good soaking rain. He might put you in a dry season and that is exactly when you plant seeds. If you plant seeds when the water is coming, it would wash the seed away. It wont have time to germinate and take root. Germinate means to put out roots after moments of dormancy or sleep. Our tears in our hard times, our spiritual groans from deep within, both water the seeds planted. Psalm 126:6 says “he who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing; shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.” So, first comes the ripping of bad things, then comes the dry season, then comes planting the seeds before the rain. The rain may seem like a series of unfortunate events, but it’s actually blessings in disguise. The rain nourishes the plant. It helps it grow. It may be a light sprinkle here or there but depending on where that specific plant thrives, it will need more or less rain. We are all different. We all take in different amounts of showering/things in our lives to create growth. Ultimately the end goal is that growth I just mentioned. Eventually, it will be your season. And when it comes, everyone will see it. And any doubt of growth, will be eliminated. Let your roots grow, and deep. God isn’t done with you yet. Even Jesus was “a tender root out of dry ground” as we read in Hebrews 53. Jesus was a seed of God, planted into earth, and provided a divine crop of salvation after being beaten down. He was crushed for our transgressions. But not destroyed.


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